reinventing soil.

At Tomgrow™ we have developed a programmable growth medium, MediumX™, that can be customized for specific crops and plants. Our technology enables the plant constant water & nutrients on its demand.


Every growth medium you know is either water wasteful, high maintenance and not environmental at best, at worst it’s all the above. What we offer is a cutting-edge technology that brings a change in the way we can grow plants;
Unlike any other known growth medium

Water retention

Known growth medium does not effectively retain water, making frequent watering necessary.

Water and nutrient wastage

Large amounts of water and nutrients drain through excessive watering.

Not all soil is suitable for all plants

The pH, salinity and nutrients in the soil need to match the needs of the plant.

Soil aeration

Poor drainage and compaction can cause low levels of oxygen.


There are variable levels of water, nutrients and oxygen in different areas of soil.

Environmental impact

The extraction of peat moss for potting soil destroys irreplaceable ecosystems and releases masses of carbon into the atmosphere.

Soil is bulky

Soil is transported around the world in high volumes and cannot be reduced down to a more concentrated form.

Root opaque

Soil is opaque and you cannot see through it to see if seedlings or cuttings have sprouted roots, or whether water or nutrients have diffused into it.

Soil damages

Known growth medium may contain bacteria’s & fungi that could harm the plant.


A programmable growth medium, MediumXTM, that can be customized for specific crops and plants. Our technology enables the plant constant water & nutrients on its demand;

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Indoor plants

An Independent plant that requires low maintenance, low water supply, and can be placed on any even surface- wood floors, carpets etc.

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MediumX™ solution can be used for a wide varieties of agricultural uses from greenhouses to seedings, propagation, premium crops, soilless growth mediums and many more to be discovered.


We’re starting a revolution in the way plants are grown.

MediumX™ solution can now be a part of the ESG new world. We want to see plants grow whilst making our world greener; using less water, reducing pollution and enables more people to bring nature indoors due to the low maintenance offering of MediumX™ solution


“The future of agriculture is indoor”

Forbes (2020)

Tomgrow’s team of agronomists and scientists has been researching the application of MediumXTM solution to indoor agriculture, propagation and seeding. We have conducted research in partnership with major industry players. The advantages are clear and we plan to launch a product based on our growth medium, MediumXTM solution, in the agricultural sector within the next two years.

The future of agriculture is indoor

Meet the Tomgrow team

Tomgrow team member

Rotem Brakin CEO

Rotem Brakin CEO

Rotem holds a BA in Economics and Management. His work at Delek Benelux and setting up the FinTech division at the Israeli Export Institute gave him an excellent grounding in operations, business development & start-ups.

Tomgrow team member

Ariel Halperin Co-founder

Ariel Halperin Co-founder

Ariel has been Senior Managing Partner of Tene Investment Funds, a leading private equity firm in Israel, since 2005. He oversaw the Kibbutz Creditors Arrangement – the most complex financial restructuring process in the history of Israel – as trustee for the Israeli government, banks, and kibbutzim.

Ariel holds a PhD. in Economics from the Hebrew University and completed postdoctoral work at MIT in Industrial Organization and Finance.

Tomgrow team member

Gideon Brakin Co-founder

Gideon Brakin Co-founder

Gideon, and his company Tamar Landscape Design, are considered one of Israel’s top landscape gardening developers, with clients such as luxury hotels Cramim and Bereshit.

Tomgrow team member

Ran Ben-Or Co-founder

Ran Ben-Or Co-founder

Ran is a Managing Partner at Tene Investment Funds. He is an expert in company valuations and M& A transactions. In the late 1990’s he worked with Dr. Halperin on the Kibbutz Creditors Arrangement.

Ran holds both a BSc. in Computer Science & Accounting and an MBA from the Hebrew University.

Tomgrow team member

Ofek Green Principal Agronomist

Ofek Green Principal Agronomist

Ofek holds a Master’s degree in Soil and Water Science and has conducted extensive research into soil chemistry and drip irrigation systems. He is fascinated by Selfgrow’s mission to develop the perfect growth medium for different plants’ needs.

Tomgrow team member

Beeri Kanner Agronomist

Beeri Kanner Agronomist

Beeri holds a Master’s degree in Soil and Water Science and is excited about the potential of his work to influence the future of urban agriculture.

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